Telework Memo from ITD

  The Citrix Workspace provides access to network drives, desktop items, documents and even saved favorites, all within a virtual desktop. To connect to your virtual desktop, install the appropriate client below:  
  Windows Users  
  Download Citrix Workspace for Windows  
  Mac Users  
  Download Citrix Workspace for Mac  

  The HDX RealTime Media Engine plug-in for Citrix Workspace is required to support Skype audio-video or audio-only calls. Please install the appropriate version below:  
  Windows Users  
  Download HDX RealTime Media Engine for Windows  
  Mac Users  
  Download HDX RealTime Media Engine for Mac  

  For assistance connecting to your virtual desktop, please contact IT Service Desk at 202.225.4321 or email us at  
  Smart Card Issues?  
  Are you having issues with your Smart Card while logging into Telework? Please click here to download the latest drivers for your Smart Card device.

IMPORTANT: This file requires administrative rights on your local machine to install.
  Forgotten/lost smart card?  
  Did you forget your smart card at the office and need help logging into Citrix? Give IT Service Desk a call and they will issue you a temporary password that will allow full access for 24 hours. If you already have your temporary password, click here.